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Bell Panel Process Repairs

1) P-RH03-050 - 205,212,412 Bell Panel Repairs  

2) P-RH04-021 - 205,212,412 Bell Panel Repairs

3) P-RH03-175 - 205,212,412 Bell Panel Repairs 

4) P-RH03-109 - 206 Bell Panel Repairs

5) P-RH15-023/D - 214 Bell    Panel Repairs  (*Updated 29 Nov 16*)

SCL Panel Repair PN's

Helicopter Composite Panels

We can repair your Sheet Metal Honeycomb panels by performing a complete tear down of the panel or we can perform a spot repair with the use of our hot bonder, this can save you time and money, with out sacrificing the durability of the repair.

A complete tear down involves re-skin and re-core as per our engineering approvals then refinish so that they are ready for paint.

A spot repair follows the same process but we only remove the damaged section as per our engineering approvals, then we refinish so that they are ready for paint.

We are always adding new panels to the list and work closely with our Design Approval Representative (DAR) to give you the quickest possible turn times.


​Aluminum Pre-Bond Patches

Are you looking to repair a panel in-situ? Rather than putting on an un treated aluminum patch and riveting it in place just to have it corrode later on, we can supply you with a 2024-T3 or 7075-T6 Pre-bond patch of various thicknesses with corrosion protection at the bond line. We process the aluminum and pre bond a film adhesive to it so the aluminum patch will bond properly to the repair. When you receive it the patch will have a peel ply on it that will need to be removed prior to bonding. Call or email us for more information.

Bell Panel Repairs